GOOD MORNING and welcome to kids check-in!

Once you have reviewed the bullet points below, CLICK HERE to begin the check-in process.

  • Please share the schedule with parents of older kids, to alleviate any concerns of combining the two age groups. Corporately, the kids will participate together in worship, reviewing the core values and games. Then the kids will break out into small groups to review the lesson.
  • Please collect email addresses of the parents. This one isn't as obvious. Therefore, for now, just focus on getting email addresses for new families.
  • Please collect the birth dates of the children. If the birth dates are in the system, you will see it on the page where you select the children and # of labels to print, as seen below. If the child's birthdate is missing, simply ask the parent and write it down. Then input the birth date during the service, so as to not slow down the check-in line.
  • Room rosters. Using the Chrome browser and the Canon printer (on the floor), please print TWO room rosters. One for nursery, which will stay at the check-in table, and one for the rest of the kids, which you will need to take down to them in the next room (on a clipboard, please).