Summit Groups


Summit Small Groups


How and when can I join Small Groups?

Registration is now open for our Fall Semester (September 3- December 2, 2017! After viewing the list below, simply Contact Us to let us know which one you're interested in, and we'll have the group leader reach out to you! New groups start three semesters each year: spring, summer, and fall, and remain open to new members throughout the semester.

  • FREEDOM (Co-ed)- Mondays, 6:30-8:15pm in Newnan (Lake Redwine community)
  • FREEDOM (Co-ed)- Mondays, 6:30-8:15pm in Newnan (Old Corinth Road)
  • FREEDOM (Women)- Mondays, 6:30-8:15pm in Newnan
  • FREEDOM (Men)- Wednesdays, 6:30-8:15pm in Tyrone
  • FREEDOM (Women)- Wednesdays, 10-11:30m at Bridging the Gap in Newnan (specifically for recovering addicts)
  • KIDS DANCE GROUP (Co-ed)- Sundays at the Newnan Centre, 8:30-9am
  • "WALK AND TALK" w/ Melissa White (Women's Activity Group)- Tuesdays, 9-10am in Tyrone
  • "GAME NIGHT" (Co-ed)- Tuesdays, 6-8pm in Tyrone
  • "LUNCH GROUP" (Women's Activity)- Wednesdays, 12:30-2pm in Newnan
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT GROUP (Co-ed, 6-8th Graders)- Wednesdays at 6pm in Newnan
  • HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT GROUP (Co-ed, 9-12th Graders)- Wednesdays at 5:30pm in Newnan (@ Leaf & Bean)
  • "EMPTY NESTERS" (Co-ed)- Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30pm in Newnan (Lake Redwine Community)
  • "YOUNG PROFESSIONALS GAME NIGHT" (Co-ed Singles)- Thursdays, 7-8:30pm in Newnan
  • "ROOTED" (Women's Discipleship Group)- Thursdays, 6:30-8:30pm in Sharpsburg **AT CAPACITY
  • "PARENTING ON PURPOSE" (Co-ed)- Fridays, 6:30-8:15pm in Tyrone w/ Pastor Greg
  • "PRAYER AND LUNCH" (Co-ed)- Saturdays, 10am-12pm in Newnan w/ Pastor Greg


What is a small group?

In times of need and times of fun, our "Summit Groups" are your source of friendship and support. They are your key to developing connections with those who share your interests or people who are dealing with similar life issues.

Summit Groups are an opportunity to reach out to others, while growing in your walk with the Lord. Groups meet once a week and can be in homes, businesses, restaurants, or other locations throughout the area. They change and begin again three times a year, so you can have the opportunity to try out different ones. You'll never fully experience all that Summit Church has to offer until you connect in a small group! 

“Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ.” Acts 5:42

Small groups were vital to the church's growth then, and they are just as vital now. As we grow, we will offer a wide variety of groups that reflect the people at Summit Church and change and develop with their interests and needs.

What are the groups about?

Our groups are as varied as we are; group leaders use their gifts and passions to create a group that allows others to join with them in serving God. Whatever your age or interest—Bible study, cooking, prayer, missions, running, you name it—we're setting up groups just right for you, meeting all over the area.

Where do they meet?

Summit Groups meet in various locations throughout town. Most meet in homes, although some may meet at area businesses, parks, or restaurants.

Who can participate?

Summit Groups are open to everyone in the community.

When do they meet?

Groups meet at various times each week, chosen by the person leading the group.


How can I lead one?

If you're interested in leading a small group, just complete the Growth Track, join the Dream Team for a semester, and attend the Small Group Leadership Class, led by Pastor Greg prior to each semester.