Dream Team Spotlight: Lindy Hankins

Hospitality Dream Team Lead 

There is a level of focus that is experienced by all on Sunday mornings as we all work quickly to set up and get ready to have church. With this focus comes a bit of hurry and a quickness of thought and step. As the Dream Team, our focus is on excellence for people that might be joining us for Sunday morning service, her focus is us - the Dream Team. Lindy Hankins has a heart to serve us, to keep us healthy and to make sure we are experiencing the fullness of Christ before we serve others. She joins us, seeks us out and slows us down. She laughs with us, celebrates birthdays and delights in the children who run past her table full of coffee, mints, fruit, pastries and encouraging verses. She uplifts, notices and includes all; she finds value in each uniquely gifted person on our team- from the youngest to the oldest.


She is a bright smile and a sincere invitation to share your heart. She always has time to listen and understand. She serves us by paying attention, by being available and by sincerely loving us as only Christ can through her. She will not hesitate to pray for you, to lift up your situation, circumstance or loved one to our Jesus, our source of life, right in the middle of the hallway or sanctuary.

She is wise, discerning and consistent. She continually looks for the Lord and His Spirit in each conversation or situation. His love and life in her, overflows to all those around her in a deep and genuine way.

Lindy is an integral part of our team, she is a servant to those serving and I know that each one us has been blessed by her loving, quiet spirit.


What is the Dream Team Spotlight?  The Spotlight is a moment we take to honor a member of the Summit Church Dream Team.  It's written by one member of the Dream Team about another member of the Dream Team.